Give Mi a chance: 3 reasons why you should buy a Mi smartphone

Mi Pakistan is on a roll. They have recently launched many new smartphones and eco products that have won applause and appreciation from its fans all over the country.
If you are still skeptic about buying a Mi smartphone, let us give you three reasons why we think you should give Mi a chance.

1- Less price, high value

The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, believes that nobody should have to sell a kidney to buy a phone and that ‘technology is for everyone’. This is the motto behind all the smartphones designed by Xiaomi. Where else can you find 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM with 5.7 inch full-screen display for Rs 16,999 only? That’s the cost of a new Redmi 5 which is available in black, gold, and sky blue on
Why are the devices so cheap?
That’s because Mi doesn’t spend any money on advertising. Have you seen a Mi billboard anywhere?

2- Uncompromised quality

Xiaomi is out to change the slogan that “Low price = low quality”. Mi NEVER compromises on quality. All the device build material, the body, the processors, the RAM, the SIM slots, all are made from topmost material that is meant to last.

Processors: Every smartphone brand that makes cheap phones uses the Media Tek processor which is low quality and tends to slow down over time. Xiaomi, on the other hand, uses the top quality Snapdragon Qualcomm processors even in its budget devices.

Body: Low price doesn’t mean that a Mi phone’s body will crack if you drop it. The build is stable and can tolerate shocks.

  • Feature-rich MIUI

Xiaomi was initially formed to create MIUI, a highly-customizable, Android-based OS. In 2011, Xiaomi made its own hardware and launched the Mi devices. Since its inception, Xiaomi’s core strength has been the MIUI.

What makes MIUI so special?

  1. Ease of use and regular updates: MIUI is highly-customizable and easy to use. There are multiple themes which can change the look of your device all together. MIUI is updated regularly which means it stays bug-free.
  2. Fast and secure: MIUI doesn’t lag. It normally doesn’t crash. It doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions. Anti-malware and clean up apps are pre-installed which offer complete protection.
  3. MIUI Forum: Stuck? No worries! Visit the MIUI forum and you will find answers to all your problems.  The forum is where developers, official MIUI team and seasoned Mi users come together and they are sure to resolve any and every issue that you face. You can even share ideas and your expectations from upcoming Mi devices. Mi Pakistan has also launched Mi Forum Pakistan so that you can be at par with its international fans base.

But which phone can you buy?

Mi phones come in three ranges: the high-end, but still not as expensive, Mi series, the mid-range, large screen Note series, and the low-end (not really low since the specs are amazing) Redmi series. You can choose any of these depending on your budget and your need.

So which phone are you going for? Do share your experience and feedback.


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  1. Arshad Baloch
    Arshad Baloch says:

    I am a fan of Xioami phones . I am also planning to buy redmi 5 plus 3gb and 32 gigs of ram but not in ur online shop but In retailer shops this phone is available .

  2. Walid Hassan
    Walid Hassan says:

    Each and every point is correct and true..
    30-40% cost related to advertising and marketing.. which is eliminated my xiaomi

  3. Muhammad Ramzan
    Muhammad Ramzan says:

    I’m using Redmi 4X , 32GB/3GB, it’s an amazing phone , I become your fan, now I’m going for Redmi 5 plus. Xiaomi is best. Love you.

  4. Muzammil Nawaz
    Muzammil Nawaz says:

    Hi,I’m really a big fan of Xiomi. The article was 110% right but i’m shocked too because Xiomi is’nt getting that place in pakistani where it should be.Especially oppo user’s i mean are they mad they just saw 20MP camera(OMG 20MP) and that also lack in many areas and 40,000 worth phone has mediatek processor i mean which we normally find under 15000rs phone of other brands like Nokia 2 and samsung phones……
    In short Xiomi is definitely giving something that would be great at that price range amazing………….
    keep it up guys…….
    Right know my favourite phone is Mi A1 and Mi 6 because they have nice features and what they provide us at that price no one can……….

  5. Sadi
    Sadi says:

    What is written above seems like its written by me…. Exactly what i felt for MI..
    Amazing Devices with Great Quality and at a reasonable price…
    I am commenting using Mi A1

    ALIRAZA says:

    I’m using xiaomi products from 2 years as my very first Xiaomi phone is Mi 5pro which i bought from dubai. After that i change my phone to another company nd after that came back Now i have Mi Mix2 256gb Chinese edition which i bought from China nd the Mi In Ear pro headphones are absolutely amazing sound machine i love it.

  7. Abuzar
    Abuzar says:

    Big fan of’s feature rich extremely smooth better animation than stock ASOP based devices.
    Even used MIUI as daily driver on my Nexus 5 back then.had to switch to S7 edge because Nexus 5 got old but really miss MIUI experience. I would loved to buy MIUI based device if Xiaomi introduce its previous devices such Mi 5, Mi 4 Mi 5c Mi note 2 their hardware is amazing they are even powered by MIUI 9

  8. Muhammad Umar Ali
    Muhammad Umar Ali says:

    I am also big fan of xiaomi smartphones my favorite ones are xiaomi redmi 5 plus and mi a1
    Love you xiaomi
    I also buy your assesories and i think that most durable material you use to buit in and wonderful performance

  9. Amir Ali
    Amir Ali says:

    I am using Redmi 5 plus, 3+32gb, its really a great phone. I am very much impressed by its processor snapdragon 625, much higher speed than normally expected at this budget
    Thanks MI,

  10. Mustahsan
    Mustahsan says:

    I’m a XIAOMI MI huge fan from when it was not officially launched in Pakistan.I’m also a SmartLink huge fan because SmartLink is the one that officially launched XIAOMI MI in Pakistan but SmartLink needs a lot of improvements.

  11. asif iqbal
    asif iqbal says:

    amazing phone and less price as compared to other well known brands which are looooting the people. I recommend mi to my friends also and they also satisfied by its features and quality.
    bye bye Samsung

  12. Mustafa Raja
    Mustafa Raja says:

    I am currently using Xiaomi note 5 and it’s amazing phone, in this price range no other brand is offering a phone with such specs like Xiaomi

  13. M. Usman Khan
    M. Usman Khan says:

    I am a fan of MI products and using it from last one year and the products of Xiaomi are outstanding, stylish and above all cheap in budget.
    So everyone should have it as much as possible to enjoy the blend of technology, gadgets and the outstanding creations of the Experts.
    Good luck Xiaomi, good luck Pakistan!

  14. Khalid Mehmood Khalid
    Khalid Mehmood Khalid says:

    I am a fan of MI products and using it from last one year and the products of Xiaomi are outstanding, stylish and above all cheap in budget.
    So everyone should have it as much as possible to enjoy the blend of technology, gadgets and the outstanding creations of the Experts.
    Good luck Xiaomi, good luck Pakistan!


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