Mi Aluminum Rollerball pen: A pen that will make you want to write again

With the advent of technology and smartphones, writing has pretty much gone extinct. But you would agree that your hands miss holding a pen and writing on a plain white sheet.

And what if you were to get a pen that will make you want to write again? Mi Pakistan is about to launch another set of Xiaomi products in Pakistan and guess what is amongst them?

Enter Mi Aluminum Rollerball pen.

This is not an ordinary pen.

The Mi Aluminum Rollerball pen consists of a highly sophisticated metal kit, aluminum body, and an amazing anode craftsmanship that is both durable and anti-corrosion. It turns on 180 degrees and recoils automatically with a light touch. You can get the refills from PREMEC Switzerland.

It is going to be available in gold and silver on www.mistore.pk. Get ready to wake up your inner Shakespeare with the Mi Aluminum Rollerball pen.


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  1. Najeeb Soomro
    Najeeb Soomro says:

    Hi, is there any difference b/w Mi roller pen and Mi Roller Pen Aluminium? Because there is a price difference? what’s difference and which one is better in writing?


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