Why Xiaomi Mi band 2 is the best fitness tracker in the world

Who knew that you could get a steps count, a heartbeat check, time and reminders that you have been sitting for too long all in an OLED display in just Rs 3,000?

Mi Pakistan, through Mi China’s official partner in Pakistan Smartlink, brings you the Mi Band 2 which is everything you need to stay fit in style.

Mi Band 2 comes with a class-leading 20 days from a 70mAh rechargeable battery. Xiaomi has also added a button to scroll through options on the screen. This anodised button is activated with a simple touch rather than a press. It’s large in comparison to the tracker itself but goes well with the overall design. In fact, Mi Band 2 looks much more like a premium device than any other fitness tracker out there..

The Mi Band 2 retains the optical heart-rate scanner, and Band 2 can also track your sleep quality and length.  The Mi Band 2 remains an incredibly lightweight fitness band. The removable tracker itself weighs just 7g, and comes with a 155- to 210mm adjustable hypoallergenic band. As before, the entire thing is waterproof (rated IP67), and lifting it to your face (as you would a watch) returns a status update.

Mi Fit syncs data with the band as soon as you launch the app. It offers the usual step-, sleep-, pulse-, distance and calories burned counters, and you can track your activity, sleep and heart-rate by day, week or month. The Mi Band 2 also lets you set alarms, idle alerts and have the Mi Band 2 warn you of incoming calls and texts by gently vibrating on your arm.

Mi Band offers the best value for money among all the fitness bands out there. Since staying fit is the new fad these days, it is an ideal high end device for users from all backgrounds to achieve their goals.